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We specialise in the restoration and polishing of natural stone and marble in homes, Hotels, Commercial Buildings and Churches.




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Over time your marble and natural stone floors will endure extremes over and above what other surfaces will be subject to.


We at Murray Marble have the knowledge and technology to restore your marble/natural stone floor to its natural beauty.  We offer technical advice, services and support to owners of stone and marble floors.


Your marble & natural stone floors may have endured use of improper cleaning chemicals or methods. Often times Marble floors are the subject of:

  • Dirt build up from years of constant use.
  • Discoloration due to age
  • Improper initial installation
  • Improper grout cleaning from the surface after installation
  • Too much sealer applied to the Marble
  • Discoloration due to various staining

The heart of the Murray Marble Maintenance, Restoration & Polishing system is a twofold approach, that is done through special floor and hand held machines designed specifically for this purpose. First the homeowner must make a commitment to keep their Marble floors looking like new for as long as possible and accordingly, a routine programme of floor cleaning with the proper detergent in conjunction with rigid control for the removal of abrasive dirt is required. This would be followed by the appropriately determined Murray Marble restoration system.