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We specialise in the restoration and polishing of natural stone and marble in homes, Hotels, Commercial Buildings and Churches.




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Welcome to the Murray Marble Maintenance and Restoration website! We hope you will enjoy browsing our website, and that you will find a lot of useful information.


At Murray Marble Maintenance and Restoration we offer a comprehensive Marble and Natural Stone floor maintenance, restoration and polishing service.  In addition we also polish and restore marble counter tops and marble fireplaces.  We customise all our work to your specific needs and taste.  We restore your Marble and natural stone to its former lustre and shine.  


Over time, most natural stone and marble floors will require some degree of maintenance, restoration and polishing.  Incorrect cleaning products, wear and tear, spillages and scratching will cause marble floors to lose its natural shine and will cause a dull, dirty appearance.


We use the finest abrasives and the most up to date technology to mechanically restore your stone and marble to the best possible finish.  Murray Marble Maintenance, Restoration and Polishing Services puts new life into your marble or stone floor.  


 Find detailed information under our Services and Aftercare sections, or contact us for help.